Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


  1. Aim

The aim of OUTLaw (the “Network”) is to generate discussion and debate, through various social and educational events, and in doing so to promote and foster the inclusion of LGBT+ individuals and allies across the legal sector in Ireland.


  1. Objectives

The Network’s objectives are to bring together LGBT+ individuals and allies working in the Irish legal sector in order to:


  • share best practices, insights and initiatives specific to the legal sector;
  • enable LGBT+ individuals and allies to build their professional networks;
  • provide career and leadership development opportunities;
  • to empower organisations and individuals working in the legal sector in Ireland to work together on shared goals connected with our aim; and
  • promote and develop Ireland’s legal sector as a destination of choice for LGBT+ individuals.
  1. Network structure
    • Network leadership consists of a formal committee (the “Committee”). Further information regarding the members of the Committee can be found at www.outlawnetwork.ie.
    • The Committee meets once a month to review progress against objectives and any agreed action plan(s) and is hosted by a different Committee member, in rotation. Where possible, meetings should take place at a time that is convenient for most. The Committee can also meet for additional meetings on an ad-hoc basis, as required.
    • The Committee is responsible for coordinating activities, including events and educational seminars, and ensuring that these activities support the aims and objectives of the Network.